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The Project

Power4Production is a regional initiative of the Saarland Ministry of Economics, Labor, Energy and Transport and a cooperation of DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and ZeMA (Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technologies). The initiative combines know-how of communication and information technologies and know-how in production technologies to progress research and development in Industry 4.0, digitisation, AI in production and human-robot-collaboration.

Power4Production provides an infrastructure of application-oriented demonstrators, human-robot-collaboration laboratory and work spaces to support research and development in the aforementioned fields. Furthermore Power4Production conducts different activities and services to support and inform companies regarding Industry 4.0 and digitisation in production. Research and development results of different projects and various fields are transferred via informational events, visits, industrial trade fairs, scientific support, industrial research, etc. The original focus of Power4Production is on producing companies in the automotive sector in the Saarland (Germany), with the intention to establish a transregional cooperation with research and industry across Europe.


Field Labs


Industrie 4.0 research
Transfer activities
Research infrastructure advancement

Principles of our work

Today producing industry faces several challenges one being Industry 4.0 and the challenge of introducing and using latest technologies and developments in production itself to reach new levels of digitisation and efficiency. The rapid advancement in information and communication technologies and the arising new possibilities are likewise opportunity and risk for producing companies.

The regionally funded cooperation of DFKI and ZeMA, Power4Production, offers interested companies the possibility of joined research, scientific guidance and result transfer in various areas (e.g. cyber-physical production systems, intelligent products and production resources, human-robot-collaboration, assistance systems and upcoming 5G and AI in production). Research is conducted in publicly funded research projects or via industry cooperation. Main focus is to provide an application- and industry-oriented approach in research and the development of technologies and solutions (often aiming at prototype applications on TRL 6). Regarding scientific guidance and result transfer, Power4Production provides companies with the possibility either to inform on latest developments (at side on various demonstrators) or to discuss collaboration for new research projects.

Demonstrators and Implementations

Project Partners


Dr. Anselm Blocher


Christoph Speicher