Intelligent Gloves

@ ZeMA, Germany

Problem definition
Increasingly complex repair processes with low levels of protection make extensive training for employees necessary. In addition, the repair processes are insufficiently documented for the customer. The danger of excessive assistance with common worker support systems should also not be neglected.

Advantages of the solution
By safeguarding and documenting critical processes, as well as assisting and training employees as needed during the process, errors are increasingly being avoided. Also a flexible creation of the work plan, with simultaneously variable dependent process sequences, can be guaranteed.

Used technologies
A worker assistance platform is used for cognitive support and training during the repair process, as well as camera systems to record the current status of the component to be repaired and also “intelligent gloves” to guide the worker during the process steps.

Areas of application
The intelligent worker assistance is used by module or component suppliers, as well as in the automotive supply industry. It is also transferable to complex and manual assembly processes of various kinds.