Virtual Reality training

@ Flanders Make, Belgium

as the demand for customised items increases, operators need to be able to handle a diversity of tasks. Learning new assemblies can be difficult and slow down production. Virtual reality setups, based on actual CAD designs of the product, allow to practice the assembly even before the components are available.

In addition, we can evaluate the manufacturability of a product. Product and production are closer linked than ever. Codesign takes the production of a product into account as from the first design stages. The Virtual Reality Power Wall allows to test the assembly early on.

The demonstrator includes several Virtual Reality glasses and one tool. On screen you can follow the assembly process of a compressor.   


Flanders Make’s MAKE LAB is mobile, fully connected research infrastructure. It serves as a living lab in which we work together with companies on solutions for the technological challenges ahead. As we respond as closely as possible to the demands of the industry, the MAKE LAB constantly evolves – including new technologies and applications. Robots, cobots and clever ways to produce more efficiently are the focus of our attention. We propose three concrete demonstrators to show the added value.

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