Cobot assembly station

@ Flanders Make, Belgium

A human and a cobot (or collaborative robot) work together on the assembly of a small compressor. The operator takes care of the precision work, while the cobot handles the heavy and repetitive task.

This demonstrator shows the advantages of digital work instructions, tailored to the experience level of the operator. At the start of the demonstration, you select the right profile: novice or experienced operator to receive the correct instructions.The digital work instructions can be presented in three different ways: projection on the work bench (Augmented Reality), on a tablet and on smart glasses, such as Google Glass. Each way of providing the instructions has its own benefits.

In this application, a complete factory is simulated from the incoming order to the assembled product. The cobot and the operator alternate in the execution of the tasks. The human directs the robot through touch. Such physically close collaboration clearly shows the difference with traditional robots for automation that work behind fences.


Flanders Make’s MAKE LAB is mobile, fully connected research infrastructure. It serves as a living lab in which we work together with companies on solutions for the technological challenges ahead. As we respond as closely as possible to the demands of the industry, the MAKE LAB constantly evolves – including new technologies and applications. Robots, cobots and clever ways to produce more efficiently are the focus of our attention. We propose three concrete demonstrators to show the added value.

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