Collaborative Workcell 4.0

@ Flanders Make, Belgium

In our hybrid workstation we demonstrate the added value of human-robot collaboration. Cobots (or collaborative robots) are designed to work together with operators and handle a multitude of tasks. This is the best way to deal with the demand for small series production. At the same time, the work load of operators is alleviated.
For operators such new technologies can, however, be stressful. We measure the physical and mental response to working with a cobot.

Augmented Reality applications help to better distribute the tasks between the operator and the cobot. The instructions for the operator are projected on the work bench accompanied by pictures to clarify the content. The instruction system follows the assembly sequence and shows the right instructions at the right moment.

In addition, the system provides advice on the work bench configuration. It detects the best height for the work bench and sends instructions to modify. The combination of physical and mental feedback allows to design the optimal workcell for better, more efficient production.

In the demonstrator we show the assembly of light switches.


Flanders Make’s MAKE LAB is mobile, fully connected research infrastructure. It serves as a living lab in which we work together with companies on solutions for the technological challenges ahead. As we respond as closely as possible to the demands of the industry, the MAKE LAB constantly evolves – including new technologies and applications. Robots, cobots and clever ways to produce more efficiently are the focus of our attention. We propose three concrete demonstrators to show the added value.

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