NeWiP – New Ways for information-led Production

Project Description:

The project is concerned with four areas of application, which are worked on and implemented by the companies Imperial, Woll Maschinenbau, XENON and ZF. In this way, different company and production areas, as well as their interconnectedness can be considered and further solutions developed. The focal point of the procedure, is on people, technology and the organization within the company and an in-depth analysis of the existing processes and procedures, enables weaknesses and disruptions in media to be uncovered. From the “As-Is” analysis, requirements are derived and solution concepts are developed, which are then consequently implemented and evaluated by users in the company. During the different stages of the project, employees are confronted with ideas, concepts and solutions, so that employee’s feedback can be integrated into the solutions.

Current Status and Findings

After the application scenarios were defined at the outset of the project, the IST and specification analysis was then carried out within the individual scenarios. On this basis, solution concepts in the scenarios were developed. It was during this process, that the first solutions were formed, for example in the form of a software application for the interconnectedness between shop floor and top floor within special machine construction. Parallel to this, functional demonstrators were created in ZeMA, in order to illustrate the functional principles of the solutions implemented in the application scenarios.

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