Initial SME assessment

Your nearest COTEMACO partner will be in touch to review your company’s technology readiness and fit the support programme to your needs. Here you will find out if you are eligible for the FAST TRACK or SUPER FAST-TRACK journey!


To be eligible for the FAST TRACK journey, you must:

Demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge and experience regarding cobot technology. This will be assessed through an interview with the regional COTEMACO contact person.
Have a clearly defined technology adoption case available to be further developed in the Adoption phase.

Additionally, to be eligible for the SUPER FAST-TRACK, you must already own the required technology but need guidance to adjust it to your new use case.

If you are interested in the FAST TRACK/SUPER FAST-TRACK you will be able to express it in the application form. If the application passes the eligibility check, the COTEMACO partners will get in touch with you to check if the additional requirements are met. If not, you may be suggested to go through the regular track.

What is expected of you

Successful applicants can receive personalised support and training completely free of charge, and thus get the unique opportunity to adopt a brand-new cobot or digitalisation technology without taking risky investments. In turn, we expect the following commitment:

Dedication and time - be seriously willing to adopt a new technology!

By participating in the COTEMACO programme, you declare that you will find sufficient time to go through the training programme and develop a business plan together with our COTEMACO experts. Please only apply if you are seriously interested in the adoption of a new technology.

Availability to travel – to one of the COTEMACO field labs.

SMEs must be willing to travel to a field lab in another country if necessary and if the most suitable training is provided there (note that travel expenses can be reimbursed up to €1.500 and only if the participant attends the training in another country’s field lab).

Consent to communicate COTEMACO's results to the world!

This refers to communication material from COTEMACO events (photos, videos, interview etc.) and summary reports of project activities and results, both needed for promoting COTEMACO and reporting to the Interreg NWE funding programme. Naturally, no technical content or confidential information will ever be shared externally. We also expect you to inform your network about your participation in the project!

Worker involvement – the employees’ perspective must play a part

Implementing novel technologies on the shop floor is – in many cases – necessary to improve the competitive position of the SME. The involvement and engagement of the employees is key to successful implementation. If a works council exists, it has to be involved in the project. If not, the project will provide support to find the best way of representing the employees’ interests throughout the support programme.

Reporting duties – help us with your personal insights!

The funding programme asks us to regularly report on project progress, success and impacts. We will come back to you to tell us more about your case or ask for feedback.

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