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Click on the I’M INTERESTED button and fill in the short form to express your interest in the programme.


Fill in the application form and De Minimis declaration sent to your inbox. (One of the project partners will get in touch with you to support you should you have any questions with the form)


Within 20 business days you will be notified if your application has been successful!


To apply for the COTEMACO support programme, you must comply with the following criteria:  


1. You are an SME, complying with the European SME definition: less than 250 employees and an annual turnover less than €50 million, or less than 250 employees and an annual balance of less than €43 million. Find the full definition here.

2. You must not have received State aid above the “de minimis” ceiling and must be at a level allowing you to participate in the support programme. You must not be in receivership or under liquidation at the time of receiving COTEMACO support.

3. Your core business focuses on the automotive or agro-food sector (including flexible assembly).

4. You are located in one of the COTEMACO regions- Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany (Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz), France (Grand Est) and the United Kingdom (Greater Lincolnshire).

5. You must have an idea of a potential business case that can be developed through the support programme. If you need help with this, you are welcome to get in touch with your regional partner.  


Based on the answers that you provide in the application form, the regional COTEMACO partners will evaluate and rate the application following standardised selection criteria:


Criterion   Maximum points  
Contribution of the technology to the competitiveness and growth of the SME   30
Strength of the commitment to invest   30  
Sufficient resources of the SME to manage the project   20 
Readiness level of the automation   20 
TOTAL   100 


The minimum score for an SME to be accepted in the COTEMACO support programme is 50.  

Your regional COTEMACO partner might get in contact with you to clarify questions in the selection process. 

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