During the Incubation phase, you will learn about the State of the Art of cobot and shop floor digitalisation technologies, receive educational training regarding all aspects relevant to adopt them (usage, regulations, etc.) and experience their way of work in one of the international COTEMACO field labs. Finally, together with your national COTEMACO partner, you will explore the opportunities these technologies provide for your very own business.


After participating in the Incubation phase, you will have:

An overview of the technologies currently available on the market
The knowledge needed to understand cobot technologies for your business;  
Business case identified for the adoption of technology in your own business.  

Up to 3 days training programme in one of the 4 COTEMACO field labs

During a 3-day visit in one of the COTEMACO field labs in small groups, you will get technical on-site training to understand how to set up and work with a cobot.

You may decide to visit any of the field labs but will only be reimbursed for visiting those outside of your region.

Travel expenses of up to €1.500 are covered.


Definition of case

Together with your regional COTEMACO partner, you will identify a high-potential adoption case for the technologies you learned about in steps 2 and 3.

Furthermore, you will perform a detailed self-assessment enabling you to decide if you are willing to implement the targeted technology and – if yes – formulate a first version of the business case that should be developed in the Adoption phase.

The support in this phase has been estimated at a maximum value of €10,000 if an SME goes through both steps. This includes reimbursement of travel costs up to €1,500 to visit a foreign field lab. The timespan for the Incubation phase will be a maximum of 3 months after the approval of the application.

After successful participation in the Incubation phase, you will have identified a potential technology adoption case that has been evaluated with the COTEMACO coaches. You will get a Preliminary feasibility study: A document describing the technical and economic aspects, which also represents an agreement to move on to the Adoption phase.  

Then you will go to the Adoption phase to develop a detailed and comprehensive business plan if the result of the assessment proves that the technology meets your requirements. 

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