Oliver Müller

Tel.:  + 49 (0) 681/ 40 05 255


Since October 2019, I work as a technology consultant at BEST e.V., which is a subsidiary of the local Chamber of Labour (Arbeitskammer des Saarlandes). I advise, qualify and inform works councils, staff councils and employee representatives with regard to their right of co-determination. Here I concentrate on the IT area. For example, the aim of our seminars is to provide the participants with the right tools which enable them to design the implementation of new digital technology in their company/department in the sense of decent work.

As I accompany the process of digitalisation/transformation, my main focus is on artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning algorithms and robotic tools. Hereby, the areas of data protection and data privacy also play an important role. In addition to holding seminars, my tasks include writing expert opinions and drafting company agreements based on current legislation.