You will be supported in crafting a pitch towards your high-level management to ‘buy into’ the adoption of a cobot if not already onboard. This will be customised to your individual SME’s situation.



Supported by COTEMACO partners and experts, a feasibility study will be conducted, involving all necessary parties from your side (e.g. management) to develop a detailed analysis defining all resources needed (financial, personnel etc.) for final implementation.



Based on the feasibility study, a comprehensive business plan will be drawn up, enabling your management to make their final decision. The COTEMACO partners will also connect you with technology companies and present financing options needed to accomplish the investments concluded in the feasibility study.

During the Adoption phase, you will further develop the business case you identified during the Incubation phase. After performing a feasibility study, you will create a detailed business plan and identify all necessary steps for the final implementation. During the entire phase, you will be guided and supported by your local COTEMACO partner.

You can participate in the Adoption phase by successfully completing the Incubation phase. In some cases, if you meet the extra requirements of the FAST-TRACK or SUPER FAST-TRACK, you can directly jump to the Adoption phase!


After participating in the Adoption phase, you will have:

A detailed business and investment plan for the implementation of a technology;
An overview of required activities to implement the technology;
Technology providers contacts and clear review of further support available.

The support in this phase has been estimated at a maximum value of €10,000 if an SME goes through all three steps. The timespan for the Adoption phase will be a maximum of 3 months after the approval of the application.

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