Ir. Bart Van Doninck

Research Engineer in Flexible Assembly and Operator Support Systems Flanders Make – Corelab ProductionS 

Subject Specialisms: Digital Work Instructions; Collaborative Robots, Lean Manufacturing


I am working as a research engineer at Flanders Make since July 2016. Through the years I gathered a broad technical background from my involvement in projects concerning product design and analysis, prototype development and industrial validation.

My research interests focus on the application of digital work instruction systems and collaborative robots to support the operator in industry 4.0. I contribute to innovation projects related to designing collaborative assembly stations, implementing multiple operator support systems or using the support to accelerate the learning process of an operator. Apart from this, I am also active in research projects on the digitization of production in general.

As a side track, I have been following a set of lean manufacturing trainings, to be able to advice companies on the general scope of their production, rather than only look into the operator support systems.